Beach Rental FAQs

Q . Do you take credit cards?
A. Yes

Q . Can we rent anywhere on Siesta Key?
A. Yes, we offer both public beach and private resort beach rentals with Crescent Arms HOA, Crystal Sands HOA, El Presidente, Seashell Condominiums, Crescent Condominiums, House of Sun, Siesta Royale, Siesta Dunes, Siesta Breakers, and Excelsior

Q . Can I reserve in advance?
A. Yes

Q . Is there a minimum rental period?
A. I do weekly as well as daily rentals

Q . Can I rent multiples for my whole famiily?
A. Yes

Q . How do we find you on the beach?
A. If reserved before there will be a lanyard with your name on it hanging from the equipment you reserved. If calling for that day we will find you.

Q .  Are my possessions safe for me to go in the water?
A. Siesta key is a very safe place to vacation, but your possessions are your responsibility. 

Q . Are we refunded for bad weather?
A. For a daily rental that is completely unusable ALL DAY!  yes. For weekly rentals if there are 3 or more completely unusable days ALL DAY, then I will charge daily price for the days you did use it..

Q . Do you rent year round?
A. Yes